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Office Party Rooms


As a bustling city, Hong Kong has an extraordinary amount of office workers that lead stressful lives. As Hong Kongers, many of us put incredible amounts of pressure on ourselves to perform our best at work – and whether that means working weekends or overtime well past our official work hours, we all need a bit of down time.


Something else that many offices here often forget about is having a strong bond within your colleagues. Organizing team building activities or finding a room to rent for an office party can be a great way of building morale and giving everyone some valuable time to let off steam. In fact, it can even be a boost to productivity in the long run!


What we offer


At Chalkparty, we offer office party rooms for rent in Hong Kong complete with blacklight, shisha, outdoor rooftop spaces, and much more. On top of this, we’re always ready to accommodate to any requests and preferences you might have to make it a night you’ll remember for years to come.


We have oversized versions of games like Jenga, connect four and playing cards that are perfect for organizing games to get the team spirit going, while DJ equipment and full blacklight gear gives everyone the opportunity to let their creativity shine and guide the mood of your party.


There truly is no other office party room in Hong Kong that offers everything we do. Along with professional catering, we offer a photography service so you can remember your glowing night for years to come.


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Thinking about arranging an office party in one of our rooms for rent in Hong Kong? Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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