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How to create a fun blacklight birthday party?

Hosting a fantastic blacklight birthday party is an experience that no one forgets. Whether it is an art-jamming party—painting the walls, playing with neon henna—or a crazy dance party with glow-sticks, having the right supplies and decorations makes all the difference.

In this article we aim to offer some recommendations that can help enhance any type of blacklight party (birthday / office / bachelorette / farewell / etc.). So turn on the blacklight, get the neon face paint, and get ready to get lit!

Tips - Absolute musts:

Use Tonic Water Tonic-water based drinks transform into magical glowing cocktails which are perfect for enhancing the blacklight party effect! Moreover, under the effects of the blacklight, tonic water also becomes a bright beacon to help guide the party animals searching for their drinks in the dark.

  • Wear white and neon clothing for a maximum amount of blacklight reflection

  • Bring neon-colored accessories Having some fun blacklight gear (sunglasses, headband, wigs, black light chalk, watches, bracelets, ribbon etc.) can add so much entertainment to the party.

  • Use blacklight Paint You simply can’t have a blacklight party without blacklight paint. Simply use water-based-neon paint any way you want, and it will take your party to the next level. If you’re having a dance party, body paint and face paint are essential, especially if you are a dancer and want to show off your moves!

  • Use blacklight chalk and chalkboards Using a chalkboard to paint and draw birthday / farewell messages or anything you like can also be a way to have fun while being artistic!

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