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What to Wear to a Glowing Blacklight Party

Glowing Blacklight Party

At Chalk Studios here in Hong Kong, we’re all about letting our hair down and having some fun. A glowing blacklight party is a great way to show your casual side and have a night of pure enjoyment. We’re well aware, though, that not everyone has been to a glow party before. And if you’re one of these people, you might have found yourself wondering what you should even be wearing, whether it be to achieve the maximum glow possible or so you can stand out amongst all your friends. Read on to find out what we do for some of our favorite costumes and outfits.

The base layer:

If you want to have an outfit that really makes you stand out from the crowd, the logical choice of material would be one that glows vibrantly all over. While some costumes you can buy might advertise this, if you’re looking to design your own piece it might be a bit harder to tell. The best way would be to have a UV or black light torch on hand so you can see for yourself exactly how they’re going to react in the party. But if you can’t easily access one, the general rule of thumb is that the more neon the piece of clothing is the more it will glow. Think reflective and high visibility clothing used for anything from construction to biking. If you want something super easy, a simple white t-shirt or vest will glow rather well and aren’t too much of an investment if you want to get creative and modify it.

It’s a great start at this stage to think about what your finished costume is going to be. Is it Christmas, Halloween or Chinese New Year? These festive seasons are a great time to get creative and find inspiration for a glow costume to remember.

Making it unique:

When it comes to making your own outfit unique and special, you’ve got several different options to take. While you can simply cut, stitch and reshape a costume of your own, a glow party is all about taking advantage of that crazy blacklight luminescence. Here’s a couple ways you can do that:

  • A simple white outfit: Lazy to prepare? No worries, a simple white T-shirt/ dress/ and pants are a fantastic option for making your glow party costume truly yours. In the dark and atmospheric blacklight room, any white colour items stand out and make for some amazingly fun photos.

  • UV pens and paint: Probably the best way to customize your costume, UV pens and paint are just like regular pens or paint, but glow in the dark. Draw patterns, lines or even something more complex on your outfit and make it something entirely unique. Why not bring them to the party too so you and your friends can draw on each other! For the more adventurous, glow in the dark body paint is readily available online. At Chalk Studios, we also offer a variety of other services like neon Henna. Get an amazing pattern painted on your hand that glows under our blacklights and enjoy the party.

  • Other accessories: If you want to add something more complex to your costume, consider finding any number of accessories that glow under UV black lights. Whether it be sunglasses, hairbands or jewelry, these items are inexpensive and great for parties.

Once you’ve got a suitably vibrant outfit sorted for your glow party, all that’s left to do is head out for a night of fun. And remember… glow parties are all about having fun so there’s no limit to how creative you can get!

For those in Hong Kong looking for the ideal glow party location, book an evening here at Chalk. Whether it’s a special occasion or not and unwind with your friends, we offer a “bring your own alcohol” venue with indoor and outdoor rooftop areas, shisha, henna and more.

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