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Best party venue for teenage in Hong Kong

Looking for the best theme for your upcoming bash in Hong Kong? Search no further- Make it at Chalk Party, where a private party venue will definitely surprise you! Stepping into the blacklight room, and you will see things are glowing colorfully in the dark like the shiny gems in the cave. Wanna become one of the gems? Decorate yourself by using chalks' neon paints! From hair to toes, or maybe just a little splash on your shirt, you will become a unique art piece. Not only just having the neon paints provided, but Chalk also has Henna artist at the site and lots of neon fun gear for guests to wear to take photos. Get one neon henna and wear some cool gear to raise your Instagram hits. You can even do art jamming by joining this unique package (click this link)!

Except for picking a cool venue for the party, you still need to have some strong beats music to hit the party up. EDM and music festivals have been an eternal hot trend for decades. Not just a trend for adults but also for teenagers. It is never too soon to experience a dance party even though you are just a teenager! Prepare your own playlist and Chalk will play them out through their finest music systems that will “rock your world”. Wave your body along the music beats and get your hands up! Have the best dance party in the dark.

No matter if you are keen on a teenage birthday party, graduation celebration or any kind of gatherings, Chalk is complete with your needs. If you are planning to have the sweet 16th birthday party, Chalk will provide many birthday decorations ( customised chalkboard birthday graphics/ wordings, LED light balloons, happy birthday flags, etc ) and you can add on their DJ package to boost the party. Turning to a young adult, usually teenagers are eager to go parties and clubbing, and Chalk is the best private party room for it as Chalk is totally a private & safe party venue for teenagers. Don’t panic, parties are actually good for teenagers, while it can help develop their independence, responsibility, confidence, and also build up their social skill.

No more stressing out over how to keep your big kids entertained, Chalk Party will take care of it and you will be the coolest parents ever!

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